“If This Gets Out” by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich

Is this me actually reading the books I put off for too long? Is this me writing about them, finally? Yes, “If This Gets Out” was released last year, and everybody and their mamas talked about it but it’s finally my turn. Now, one of the reasons I put it off for so long is the similarities that people found with One Direction, and how they projected their own Larry fantasies on this. I was never into the band ( while I appreciated some of their songs) but I was online during the time, and the entire thing was mental. I never liked people assuming real celebrities’ sexualities, and even more, relationships. So the fact that people are still to this day speculating about a relationship that might not have happened, and that factually created a drift between members is strange ( for lack of a stronger word).

With this being said, I enjoy books that deal with passions and music. I have read quite a few in the past few years, and loved them all. I enjoyed this one as well, but I thought that while compelling, it was definitely too long. I found myself half way trough and to me, the story could have very well ended there. But it didn’t. I usually feel like this with Cale Dietrich’s stories, to be fair.

I loved the parts that focused on Zach getting comfortable with his sexuality, and discovering he cannot be a people pleaser for his entire life. These behaviours are just not healthy or sustainable, and lead to an easier burnout.

Boy bands are such an interesting aspect of entertainment, because of their fandoms, and the ways they are portrayed in the media, and the ways they are so clearly boxed into categories. I mean, you could see it back in the day with 1D, and you can see it with k-pop groups as well.


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